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Why Choose IBERIABANK Mortgage As Your Home Lender?
Being a local lender does make a difference. We're here to serve our community, the community we live in. And, because we're local, we can speed the loan approval process which can save you time and money. As a local lender, we want to exceed your expectations!
Exceptional People And Products.
With the flexibility to offer outstanding options, we stand out above the competition. Consistently competitive rates and the experience of a seasoned professional team of lenders help us qualify more borrowers, close more loans and turn your dreams into reality.

IBERIABANK Mortgage Offers A Wide Range Of Financing Options.
   • Conventional 30-Year and 15-Year Loans
   • Government Loans - FHA, VA
   • Guaranteed Rural Development
   • Flex Loans
   • Community Assist Home Buyer Program
   • Construction/Permanent Loans -- One Time Closing
   • Reverse Mortgages
   • Jumbo Loans

IberiaBank Mortgage
6969 Fern Loop, Suite 201
Shreveport, Louisiana 71106

Mark Dickert, AVP, Mortgage Executive
Telephone: (318) 629-7392
Fax: (318) 798-4021
 CherylCheryl Risner, AVP, Mortgage Executive
Telephone: (318) 629-7396
Fax: (318) 798-4021
 AngelaAngela Van Alstyne, AVP, Mortgage Executive
Telephone: (318) 629-7394
Cell Phone: (318) 564-6905
Fax: (318) 798-4021
 PaulPaul King, Vice President, Branch Manager
Telephone: (318) 629-7395
Cell: (318) 834-4355
Fax: (318) 798-4021
 AnitaAnita Jordan, AVP, Mortgage Executive
Telephone: (318) 629-7387
Cell Phone: (318) 422-0118
Fax: (318) 798-4021
 JenniferJennifer Maxwell Lafosse, AVP, Mortgage Executive
Telephone: (318) 629-7203
Cell: (318) 344-8775
Fax: (318) 789-4021
 SueSue Watts, AVP, Mortgage Executive
Telephone: (318) 629-7385
Cell: (318) 218-1818
Fax: (318) 798-4021

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